Friday, November 27, 2015

Let Christmas begin...

" Mama, can we skip watching TV tonight and start the Christmas decorations?". It is Luca Bo who is asking with a big IKEA box with the letters X-MAS written on that he has dragged down the stairs from the attic... I can probably count on not even one hand the times he asks to NOT to watch TV before going to bed, as this is a part of his bedtime routine, so I can't say no. So we have cheated and got started before the first advent. Just a little bit...

"Can we put on Bublé?"
OF COURSE we can put on Michael Bublé! And so we do. And in an instant there is this a jolly, happy feeling in the house with the stars in the windows, some candles and red and white decorations coming out. Just a little bit of Christmas... Enough for a Thursday night before first advent.

We raise our glasses of Julmust (Swedish Christmas soda that is) and sing along with Bublé in "You better watch out, you better not cry. Better not pout, I'm telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to town.", and everyone agrees that Christmas is the best time of the year.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Time online... All the time?

Watch video here.

A new generation. New technology. New habits. A new way of living. Collision between generations... Be connected. At all times. NEVER disconnect. That is what the tray advert from Mc Donalds say... "Get the latest deal and NEVER EVER disconnect!" Is that what we want?

A baby is crying on the bus. The bus driver is uncomfortable, the other travelers are uncomfortable, the mother is stressed... Someone takes up their latest Vodafone and turns on Dora the Explorer and showing it to the baby who quickly stops crying. Everyone smiles. Thank God the baby is quiet. Thank God for Vodafone. Is this where we are going?

I walk along the beach on a sunny day and during my 200 m walk I see 13 people. They are sitting on benches with views of Lac Léman and the French Alps. You can see Mount Blanc clearly. Some people are just walking down the path... Every single person is staring on their smart phone and has ear phones in their ears. even couples and friends. They don't talk. They surf on their phones and no one sees the beautiful views.

I don't know about you but this development scares me and maybe this is a part of the problem. That I am threaten by the development instead of embracing it. But do I want to embrace this path? Now when adverts are showing up around us in media telling us that this is today's normal, does that mean that we can let go of our fears of online time taking over our lives? Just because we are told this is normal?

It is my greatest challenge as a parent, this new time with technology in every corner of your home, in every pocket of your clothing. This is a new world that I don't understand. When I grew up we didn't even have cartoons on TV. I walked to my friend's house and knocked on the door to see if she was home. If she didn't pick up the phone when I called, I would call again later. I shouldn't compare, but I do.

I don't mind Cyber use, I am a blogger and social media user myself, but how can we find a balance, I wonder... On a rainy day lets give it away to Cyber World but when the sun is shining and a friend is coming over, lets go outside and find an adventure shall we? But I find my children turning more and more into Cyber World and spending less and less time in the real world. I find them on computer devices for hours on end if I'm not there telling them to get off. And when I do it always turns into a fight... It is a daily battle. It is a boring and frustrating battle. They wear me down. And I admit - I give in. For peace. To avoid conflict. But it eats me from the inside.

How do we find a balance, does anyone have any great advice to give? Controlling? Restrictions? Timer software? Earning computer time? Or the freedom to use with responsibility and self control? How do you deal with Cyber World taking over? Do you embrace it or fight it? I honestly feel like just throwing it all out the window and force the whole family onto a Cyber Detox at times. Am I the only one feeling like this, I wonder...

Today we are having a family meeting, our first one ever, to discuss this matter and hopefully we will reach a solution, a balance, that everyone is happy with. I don't think I can forbid things, but we can sure be more aware and restrict ourselves. Time together in real life is after all the only thing that matters.


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Saturday, November 21, 2015

I want slow...

It rained a lot yesterday and I can feel a big weather change coming in. This morning I woke up early, there are so many things going on in my life for the moment. I can't sleep so well. I don't have time for it all. Blogging is unfortunately the first thing to drop down my priority list and I really do miss the routine of writing and connecting with you all.

I flick through my iPhoto album, another thing on my Need-To-Be-Done list. Almost 40'000 pictures from the last 5 years that needs to be sorted and organized and preferably printed at some point... but where shall I start?

I found this lovely picture from 2014, the epic summer in Sweden. And in a time where I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the things I should do, need to do and want to do, I take a moment and transport myself back there and a feeling of calm enters me.

Isn't life spinning way to fast or is it only me thinking so? It feels like we all are running on top gear at all times. What's wrong with riding a moped at 30km an hour through life instead of a Ferrari at 220? We will reach our destination anyway... I want slow. Do you want slow? Will we ever go back to slow? Or at least a little bit slower than we run around today? The kind of slow where we sit by the beach and eat homemade burgers hot from the grill on a sunny summer evening. Smelling the water, feeling the wind, having the sun kissing our skin warm. Simple. Uncomplicated and oh so good.


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