Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NEW PATTERN: Wilma's Cable Scarf

By the pattern here!
It is here! Between French classes and housework, on late evenings and early mornings, I've finally managed to finish my new pattern - Wilma's Cable Scarf!

Since making this scarf I've used it everyday. It is the most cozy and snuggly thing ever. I always wanted a long, chunky scarf like this. Designed with inspiration from my Scandinavian roots.

I made many swatches of different cable stitches before I finally modified one I liked and made it my own. I am a girl of simplicity so it might look challenging but it is actually really simple. The pattern can be whipped up in just a few hours time (so satisfying to work with chunky yarn!!!) and any crocheter with the basic stitch skills can make this scarf.

As I am in school 5 days a week during daytime I still have not come around to finish the matching Wilma's Hat pattern although the text is all there, I still need some guiding pictures to add. So, thanks for your patience dear fellow crocheters. The matching Wilma's Hat will be available soon as well. It will be a hat pattern that you can make in 3 different ways. I'm so excited about that!

So pop over to my ETSY shop where you can purchase the pattern in UK, US and Swedish terms (FINNS PÅ SVENSKA!!!)  and find more detailed information. Have a lovely day. Now, I'm off to French class.

Au Revoir!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

My life shines like a diamond

Some people want me to write more about "real life". They think I show to much of a "shiny side of life". And maybe it is shining to bright for some... I guess it depends on where you are at in life, and for me I see it differently.

Blogging has helped me to see and notice all the small things, the invisible everyday stuff, the ignored and simple things in life. The beautiful, graceful, delicate, amazing, loving, wonderful moments of living. Because life is here and now. Sitting in traffic sucks, but if your favorite tune is playing it can become a great moment anyway. Turn it up and sing along. Traffic won't move anyway.

It is like chasing affirmations for me, to share my moments of happiness. May it be a bunch of tulips, a sun set, my children, reflections about life, pretty leaves, yarn balls, warm and cozy messy beds, simmering pots of good food, happy coffee breaks and crochet moments... When chasing these moments I see them with open eyes, happiness is highlighted throughout my days and is suddenly placed at the front of the stage. To be seen. To be cherished. To be lived. To be felt.

It all becomes interesting. At times it is like a sensation of opening my eyes for the first time to really see life as it is. Having a muffin while helping Luca Bo with homework can be a treasured moment... Something to remember - him and me, together, working AND enjoying. Does that sound to shiny to you?

Because even though life is full of dull moments, duties and chores, tears, yelling, squabbles, worries and a million more hard things, we can make it shine through all that if we just "see" the moments of good. And suddenly hanging laundry becomes a lovely and happy moment in the day instead of boring and dreading chore... Because laundry is incredibly beautiful, flapping in the wind. And the air is so refreshing to breath in. And stretching my arms up feels so good. Do you get it?

Dare to feel happiness. Dare to see the beauty. Dare to create a life full of happy small moments. My blog is a real life story because I have chosen to see and cherish the moments of good to create a life that shines like a diamond - with faults and all. And I will continue to share the "shiny side of life" because it makes me feel good.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A matching hat

The snow came and I needed a matching hat for Wilma's Cable Scarf. Said and done... Pattern will come for the set. My scarf patterns is just a proof reading away to be listed in my Etsy shop and soon after Wilma's Cable Hat will be listed too. Happy Wednesday fellow bloggers and lovely readers.


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Monday, January 19, 2015

French course...

Bonjour! French course is a tough business... I'm exhausted. Shot! Slammed? Wiped out. But the good thing is I woke up the other day thinking in French. That is a good sign.

The home is falling apart with no order what so ever. We barely survive at this point. My Mom is here to help with school departs in the mornings as I have to leave home before 7am... The mountains and Lausanne is a pretty view as  I walk to school from the train station... Jay is on a business trip to New Zealand... We do what we have to do and slowly we are finding a new routine.

We snuggle up, watch TV (Once upon the time... ) and surf the Internet. We go to bed early, make stews and soups that we eat for multiple days in a row. We let things be. Including half eaten apples left on the living room table together with the latest Lego engineering's by Luca... Charlie the cat seem to enjoy sleeping on tables pretty much everywhere in the house. now when no one tells him to get down.

There is not much time for blogging. Not much time for anything. But I'm getting there. Little by little. I finished the pattern for the new scarf. IT will be listed this week. Yes!

Bare with me on these busy days. I will soon get back to normal blog routines. And maybe, just maybe, I will throw out that half eaten apple in the compost today.


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