Friday, August 29, 2014

When school started and a scarf WiP

First week of school is coming to an end. It has been intense. Nelly Bo walked out the door with a breeze of perfume and mascara on her eyelashes, skinny high waisted jeans looking glorious... I let her go and said: "Let's talk about this when you get back home...". She is after all only 12.

Luca Bo jumped out of his skin in excitement and ran down the road. Came back home declaring that he did well in school because the teacher did not scream at him! That tells you something about teachers in the part of Switzerland where I live, doesn't it? It is strict. I don't mind strict, I actually prefer strict instead of too liberal and wishy-washy, but screaming and putting fear into the kids I don't approve with. Especially not for a sensitive child like my boy. Believe me, I have made noise about it - with no luck I am afraid. Instead I am preparing my boy for real life, that sometimes this is how it is and that we just have to be pro-active to avoid the hard situations... Like making sure no homework is forgotten, that no small talk and disturbing behaviour is used in class... What else can I do than building my boys confidence in handling what is not fair, not nice and sometimes very hard...???

Emmy Bo was more hesitant stepping out the door. Holding my hand firmly as she was nervous to not find her new classroom. In the end it was the same classroom as last year and from now on she walks on her own. That is big. I look at her and see Emmy Bo who is four but I have to remind myself that the four year old now is seven. It is time to let the little one grow up a bit. It is hard because she will always be a four year old for me... Even at 17, I guess. I now understand what people talk about when they talk about their youngest to be the "baby"...

And when school begins I play catch up at home. It has been lots of cleaning and washing, organizing and boring maintenance appointments such as car service, dental care etc... In between I've been working simple "no-brainer" stitches on my Drops Cotton Light Scarf, which is coming together very nicely. I love the color palate, it is so Swedish to me. Like Carl Larsson. How I wish I could find this color theme in a different cotton yarn. For you have followed for a while might remember how much this yarn splits and makes it hard to work with for a crocheter. My Drops Cotton Light review was not the happiest one... But I do love the texture when it is worked liked this. It is soft and glorious.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my Sun Hat Crochet Band Pattern. It has been a pleasure to share it with you a nd I am hoping you will show me on Instagram if you make one. #SunHatCrochetBand, I would love to see how yours turned out.


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Free Pattern: Sun Hat Crochet Band

I made this cute little decorative Sun Hat Crochet Band to spice up my straw hat on hot summer days, and I thought you could make the same thing for your sun hat before summer is all gone or before your summer starts. It is a simple, quick and fun project perfect for using up left over yarn and scraps as you don't need that much of each color. 

Time approx. 1 hour
- Level ♥♥ (Intermediate)

You will need:
♥︎ A sun hat, preferably straw hat of some kind.
♥︎ Colorful Sport Weight yarn (I have used Tilda yarn, a cotton/acrylic mix from my Yarn Shop.)
♥︎ Crochet hook 3 mm/ D (US)
♥︎ Darning needle
♥︎ A pair of scissors

Abbreviations UK/US
ch - chain UK/US
dc/sc - double crochet UK/single crochet US
dtr/tr - double treble UK/treble US
pc - popcorn stitch*

sl st - slip stitch
st/sts - stitch/stitches

Special Stitch Instruction*
Popcorn stitch:
Make 5dtr (UK)/5tr (US) in the same stitch. Drop the loop from the hook. Insert the hook in the top of the first dtr (UK)/tr (US) of the 5-dtr (UK)/tr (US) group made. Pick up the dropped loop. Draw through all loops on hook. Chain 1.

Foundation: Ch 6, close with a sl st in the first ch to make a ring.

Row 1:
Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), make 12 dc (UK)/12sc (US) into the ring, close with a sl st in your first dc (UK)/sc (US). You should have 12 sts in total in the ring. Cut your yarn and fasten off ends.

Row 2:

Join a new color leaving a tail of approx 6-7 inches/10-12 cm and ch 4 (counts as your first dtr (UK)/tr (US). Make 4 dtr (UK)/4tr (US) in the same st.

Pull up the loop on your last dtr (UK)/tr (US) and pull out your hook to drop the loop. Now insert your hook in the fourth ch of your "first" dtr (UK)/tr (US), fetch the dropped loop and pull through all loops on your hook. Chain 2 to secure and move forward. You have made a 5-dtr (UK)/5-tr (US) popcorn stitch.

Skip 1 st, make another 5-dtr (UK)/5-tr (US) popcorn stitch in the following stitch, skip 1 stitch etc. Continue until end of row. Finish with chaining 2 and closing the row on the back of your first popcorn stitch with a sl st. You should have 6 popcorn stitches in total. Cut your yarn and leave a tail of approx 6-7 inches/10-12 cm. Don't fasten off yet.

Joining Popcorn Flowers:
Make approx. 13-14 Popcorn Flowers in total, depending on the size of the hat, and join them all together to a band. Join your flowers with the left over tails matching one petal from one flower between two petals of the next flower. Just simply thread the yarn tail on a darning needle and sew the flowers together making a couple of stitches between all three joining petals for best result. Fasten off left over ends and cut yarn.

TIPS 1: To secure the flower band on your sunhat, attach the Popcorn flower Band by hand with a few slip stitches to the hat evenly around.

TIPS 2: Make Popcorn Flowers to decorate a tank top, T-shirt or plain dress. Lovely!


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

France - everything you can imagine and more...

Happy birthday to this fantastic man of mine today!
That is my girl's legs right there!

Free Pattern will be posted soon!

It is hard to choose just a few photos of our lovely mini trip to France... Southern France is everything you imagine Southern France to be; sun, beach, rustic towns, vintage signs, cute gift shops, beautiful people, good food, wonderful wines, colorful shutters on old sand colored buildings, leisure clothing, natural beauty, heat, cicadas, salt water smell, super yachts, water sports, waves, sun lotion and warm long dark evenings... We have had the time of our life. We will come back again and again and again to explore this wonderful wine district (Le Castellet, Bandol, St Cyr Sur Mer...) and perfect vacation area.

A Free Pattern on how to make the Sun Hat Band is coming up soon. Now it is time to celebrate my man. Today he is 44.


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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Productive days

It is a windy day back home and I am already on the third load of laundry.  The wind is perfect for a productive laundry day as I don't have a dryer.

I am ordering more Tilda yarn to re-stock my Yarn Shop, making drafts on new business cards, editing my gorgeous photos from our mini trip to France and playing with a new design. (Fun, fun, fun!!!)

I am preparing for a meeting with the unemployment office (...) and I am writing on new patterns for my Etsy Shop.

A new Free Pattern is being prepared and will be shared this weekend. Something sunny and nice, I hope you still have some sunny days left for this little project to be tried out. I thought I would give you a sneak peak...

Now it is time for coffee and grocery list making. My days are full. I never get bored. Writing it all down like this makes me feel better somehow. It becomes real all the things I accomplish in a day. Maybe that is a good thing to do. To list what I do in a day instead of making lists of what I need to do. Hmmm... I need to think about that...


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